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Frye Lindsay Plate are stunningly eye-catching boots which will never go unnoticed wherever you go. These boots have luxurious looks which makes them very attractive and head-turning. These boots have been made from the rich and fabulous materials which deliver long lasting durability and premium comfort to your feet. These boots have the upper available in various rich materials. You can find these boots with stone antique leather, stone wash leather or full grain leather upper. All of these upper materials are very easy to maintain so these boots keep on looking fabulous and gorgeous. The upper has the asymmetrical cut collar which take the trendy style of these boots to extreme. The upper also has the metal plate with Frye logo on the back of these boots which shows your superior brand choice. The upper also has strap around ankle to make these boots look bold. The pull on tab on the top of the shaft makes the on and off wearing of these boots effortless and fast. These boots have the interior lined with the smooth leather which provides stunning comfort to your feet to keep them free from blister and bruises which are caused by long time continues wearing without tights. The lining also absorbs the moisture from the feet to ensure healthy, fresh and odorless wearing. These boots have very soft footbed which has been fully cushioned to keep the surface under your feet very soft and comfortable. The footbed has been wrapped with the leather to add more comfort to it and to make it durable. The leather wrapped footbed also wicks off moisture to maintain healthy wearing. The outsole of these boots is made from the rugged and durable leather. This outsole offers sturdy and stable ride on different surfaces by ensuring traction and it makes your ride more joyful. The heel is 1 inches high with inches of platform. The shaft is 14 inches tall with 14 inches of circumference. These boots weighs 1 pound and 9 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Tan Smooth Full Grain, Stone Stone Wash, Redwood Smooth Full Grain, Fawn Smooth Full Grain, Dark Brown Stone Wash, Dark Brown Smooth Full Grain, Cognac Stone Wash, Burnt Red Smooth Full Grain and Black Stone Antiqued.



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Mark Taff from Bellevue, WA

I've had these boots for about seven years now, and they are still in remarkable shape. I use them for hiking (<5 miles), as well as wearing them every day. After seven years, all the stitching is still secure, all the glued bits are still solid, and none of the leather or fabric (inside or out) is worn through. They are still waterproof. There is some minor fabric wear on the top edge of the boot where the tongue meets the top and where my Achilles tendon contacts the top edge. All the lacing eyelets are still secure, though they are burnished a little bit. I have just recently begun to wear through the red part of the heel sole, and the tread on the sole ball only has about 1/16" left before it will be perfectly smooth. From the beginning, I've worn them with the green super feet insoles from REI, and those insoles are now starting to get a bit worn at the toes. Other than the wear on the soles, the boots look like they are only about 6 months to a year old. I tension-lock the laces at the second set of eyelets, and I've never had any issues with my foot moving inside the boots, even on the steep descents here in Western Washington. I've also never had any blisters, corns or other irritations with these boots, although I can't speak to their performance or comfort on long duration hikes. I will soon be buying a new pair because the sole wear is too severe now for adequate traction while hiking.

Hillboy from Boulder, CO

Bought this boot after a recommendation after trying out other boots on the market. Have owned the boots for about 4 months, and taken them on extended hikes both in Colorado and California in both hot, dry weather conditions, as well as wet, rainy weather conditions. The boot held up superbly in all conditions. Super comfortable. Easy to lace and pace. Excellent, tough material. *Only con about the boot, is the traction. The sole material doesn't stick as well as some other boots on the market when it comes to hiking over rocks, wet or dry. Otherwise, a very nice boot.

DTMbizzle from Denver, CO

I've have these boots for 2 years now, they only see light use (about 10 hikes total over the past 2 years, plus around the house duty) I also wore them to shovel the driveway in the winter, hike through/over snow drifts, etc. They definitely have performed excellently. I really can't think about any negative points so far. Most of my hikes are class 1-2 hikes in the mountains of Colorado, but i do the occasional scramble, and 1 or 2 tough class 3 hikes per year. The boots have tackled all the aforementioned hiking terrain with high marks! For real steep, rocky terrain, i don't think I could ask for a better boot! (Just did Torreys Peak via Kelso Ridge in these boots, they performed flawlessly) The rubber/kevlar? cover on the toe is great for climbing over rocks, it doesn't scuff at all. Laces are strong, and aren't frayed at all. The sole is super grippy, the overall feel of the boot is great, very comfy. My hikes are usually up to 12 miles total, I have yet to get blisters on any of my hikes. I use these boots when I snowshoe in winter, even in powder, they seem to be very, very, very waterproof. A great purchase, for sure, highly recommend!!!

Akkayak from Kasilof, Alaska

For the first summer, I too, had the heel rub problem. It must be a design issue. The first summer they were fine. Just started summer #2 and during an 11 day hike the stitching on the inside edge where the foot bends is coming apart (on both in the same spot). Also, it seems the Gortex completely gave out. They were fine last year. I treated them before my trip and still had wet feet. This boot is probably great for average hiking but if you put on long miles look for something sturdier.


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